Our Promise 

Our aim is to produce free, high quality content for students of all ages and for all subjects. We currently offer video lessons for A level History, A level Politics, Constitutional Law, Mathematical Logic and GCSE History. 

Our aim for the first half of 2020 is to expand our video lesson library to GCSE Triple Science, GCSE and A level Economics, Classics. 

As well as our dedicated Specification based courses, we also offer smaller courses on "The Philosophy of Perception" and "Understanding Karl Marx".

Our final aim is to expand beyond a video based platform, with lesson notes, problem questions, exemplar essays and even cheap quality revision guides.

The Learning

Here explore the world of the Arts and Humanities. We currently offer a number of video courses in GCSE and A level History, A level Politics, The Philosophy of Perception and Understanding Karl Marx. 

In 2020 we are going to expand our arts and Humanities courses to GCSE and A level Religious Studies, an expansion of Philosophy courses and a video series in Classics.

The Social Science

The Social Science academy will begin teaching A-level Sociology, A- level Economics as well as A - level Sociology.


However, that's only the video content. We shall also be offering dedicated revision notes for GCSE and A-level Economics as well as some Criminology Qualifications.

The Science

The Science is dedicated to the most up to date science education. On Launch Day, the Science academy will begin teaching GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics, with room to expand further into GCSE Mathematics and on to A-level Sciences and Maths. 

As well as that, we also have only notes for GCSE sciences as well as A-level Sciences with walkthrough's of problem questions.

Other Services we offer

Along with the various courses we offer in History, Philosophy, Economics etc, we also provide other services to help with your education. 

We have our own student forum page which allows students to mark and critique of others'. We also publish our own revision guides. 

In The News
Check out our new blog!

We are pleased to announce we have set up a blog page where we shall be uploading a number of posts relating to education, politics, law, philosophy, history and much more. We have a lot of very exciting new ideas for articles so stay tuned!

June 28th 2020

First Order Logic

Here we have released a full course on First Order Logic. This is to compliment the propositional logic course that was made by us a number of years ago. 


Feb 22nd 2020



you are my saviour


— User on A-level History Essay's Lesson

       I just wanted to say thank you for this video. I've been somewhat stuck at around 20ish marks on my essay questions as I keep trying to write them like GCSE questions (a symptom of having a channel dedicated to helping people with their history GCSE lol), so I've been looking for a way to break out of this. This video was definitely the most helpful one I could find on the topic and I'll definitely give your advice a go when I write my next essay question. Keep up the good work!! :)



— User on A-level History Essay's Lesson

wow really great video i am in year 12 studying history just trying to get to grips with the content and this is helpful



— User on A level Russia Lesson


I can't believe I have found this site absolutely brilliant, adding notes too, it's wonderful, I am studying sociology and already I love the Mark, it's deep but seriously interesting. I have just purchased The Communist Manifesto any other book tips would be great, thank you thank you


— User on Understanding Marx Lesson