Medicine Stands Still

Supernatural Theories of Medicine

In this video we shall explore the more supernatural theories of medicine in the early medieval period.

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Natural Theories of Medicine

Despite there being a lot of supernatural theories of medicine, there were also natural solutions.

Islamic Medicine 

During the dark ages in Europe the Islamic work was thriving. This video looks at the medical developments during this time in the Islamic world.

Treating Disease I

In this lesson we start to look at the different methods for treating disease. 

Treating Disease II

In this lesson we shall be exploring the final methods of treating disease in this period.

Medicine in Rural England 

Here we look at the medical developments in the Rural Areas of England.

The Black Death 

The black death was probably the most significant event in English medical history. It led to the death of around 1/3 of the population. In this video we will cover the social significance of the black death.