Introduction to the Constitution

What is a Constitution?

In this lesson we take an introductory lesson at the definition of a Constitution.

Types of Constitutions

Constitutions exists differently all across the world. In this video we look at the different types of Constitution.

Sources of the UK Constitution 

In this lesson, we turn to the UK constitution and look at the various sources of the UK Constitution.

Human Rights in the UK 

One interesting development in the UK constitution is the development of Human Rights. This video will examine this.

Is there a separation of Powers in the UK?

In this lesson we ask the question "Is there a separation of powers in the UK?"

Judicial Independence in the UK 

Is our Judiciary independent? If so, how and to what extent?

Understanding Parliamentary Sovereignty

In this lesson we go into detail about the Principle of Parliamentary Sovereignty and its implications on UK Constitutional Law.

Relevant Case Studies

Jackson v Attorney General Case Study

The Royal Prerogative

In this video we shall explain the detailed and complex relationship between the UK's Government and her Head of State, the Monarch.