Propositional Logic

What is Propositional Logic?

In this video we set out the rules for propositional logic and define it as an area of mathematics

Logical Translations

Here, we learn the basic intuitive idea behind translating logical sentences into English ones.

Construction Trees in Propositional Logic

Here we learn out to build construction trees out of sentences in Propositional Logic.

Construction Tree Problem

Here we simply tackle a problem question which requires the building of a construction tree.

Truth Tables

Here we take an introduction to Truth Tables for Propositional Logic.

Building Truth Tables

Now we know the rules for truth tables, here we shall be expanding out knowledge to build some truth tables.

Logical Equivalences

We can use logical equivalences to transform sentences in Logic.

Negation Normal Form

Negation Normal Form is a way to write sentences in Propositional Logic.

Negation Normal Form Problem

Here we simply go through a problem which requires us to use negation normal form.