Preservation of Autocracy (1855-1894)

State of Russia by 1855

In this first lesson, we take a look at the state of Russia by the start of the Course in 1855.

Emancipation of the Surfs 

This lesson looks at one of the most important policies in Russian history, the emancipation of the Surfs.

Reforms under Alexander II 

Alexander II was a reforming Tsar. His liberal reforms were revolutionary, but they also saw a lot of opposition. 

Counter Reforms under Alexander II

After opposition to the liberal reforms, Alexander II made a number of counter reforms  

Radical Opposition to Alexander II

Following his liberal reforms, Alexander II had a number of enemies. This video looks at the radical opposition to Alexander II.

Alexander III and his Policies 

Following the assassination of Alexander II, Alexander III implemented a number of reforming policies to counter his fathers work.

SocioEconomic Changes under Alexander III

In this final video in Section 1, we look at the Socioeconomic developments under Alexander III.